A Health and Fitness Revival is Coming

In the 80s and early 90s the fitness craze started. Everyone was walking, working out, going to the gym and healthy food was in. It was like everyone jumped into their New Year’s Resolution running gear and they were off. And like a New Year’s Resolution it didn’t last, but it did go on for several years. After that, folks slipped back into over eating, kicking back, and it is, as if the fad ended.It seems that it comes back every 5-10 years however and thus, it makes sense to be ready for the next health and fitness revival. Which I guarantee you is coming. And the sooner the better, as it could not come at a better time when gym memberships are down due to the recession and people are down and out due to turbulent times. Perhaps, you recall the dieting fads that hit us all after 9-11.South Beach Diet and Atkins seemed to kill the business for the fast food industry, and several chains went out of business. Gym memberships soared during this time, even if half of America were borderline diabetics. It appears that these health and fitness revivals come as the economy grows, people get better jobs and reach their pinnacle peak on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Next they are looking for enlightenment and for self actualization.Not sure why everyone waits until the good times to work out, eat right or join a gym, but it is something I’ve been noticing over the last 30-years. Maybe you’ll observe this during the next fitness and health food craze? And judging by the economic recovery predictions, I’d give it about 12-15 months before the next revival. Please consider this.

Health and Fitness – It is a Way of Life

Health and fitness are one of the biggest concerns in today’s society as most people tend live a sedentary lifestyle. This is inevitable because nowadays we seek for comfort and faster way of life. The advent of elevators, instant foods and so on greatly affects our health and fitness.Many of us drool over a washboard abs and a sexy figure as it is seen to be the norms and ideal physique. Hence, fitness centers and health clubs are mushrooming everywhere. They bombard us with various promotions and programs unfortunately it is expensive.If you can afford it, then go for it. But remember, there is more to health and fitness. Actually it is more about you and your habits that contribute to your current body physique.Everything starts with you.How committed are you to improve your health and fitness?Sure summer is here and everybody wants to flaunt their beautiful body along the beach. But summer comes along just two or three months a year. Is this your idea of your health and fitness? Isn’t health and fitness about how well you function everyday and how good you feel going about life and all its challenges?Imagine what you want to do when you are in your forties, fifties, or sixties. Do you see yourself still fit as a bull? Do you want a good retirement life? What about enjoying that life walking by your own feet instead of being pushed on a wheelchair? Let that image be your guide to develop healthy habits.Your habits define your waistline.Everyday choices contribute to your health and fitness. Whether you’ll be a size 0 or a size 10 three years or five years from now, it all depends on the daily choices you make about your health. That lunch you ate, the stairs up to your 4th floor office that you took, or the article you read – all these add to your overall state of health.Choices are simple: What to eat for lunch – Burger or Veggies? Going to that office in the 5th floor – Stairs or elevator? Newspaper article to read – 100 Deaths in a Faraway Island or Improving Your Health? Making these choices seem simple but realize that we constantly make choices. In fact we make choices everyday which become our habits.The habits we form shape us, literally. The results are not immediate but they become permanent because by the time your healthy choices become a habit, you have become consistent at making such choices. You feed your body mind and soul with healthy food, ideas and feelings that keep you healthy and fit.
It is more than just a hard abs.Always think, healthy choices form healthy habits. Sure it is good to spend money on gyms, health spas and fitness clubs but what matters most are the small choices you make for yourself about your health.Think of the difference it will make to your health if you choose to eat veggies instead of burger during most days. Think of the benefits you gain if you choose to climb that office stairs more often and constantly reading positive and reinforcing health related articles.Form healthy habits that you can do everyday. Keep it simple and make it a part of your everyday activities.